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Thankfully, there is a solution. The best way to overcome a sore throat is to use E liquids with a higher vegetable glycerin content as compared to E liquids with higher PG content. It is also important to mention here that an e cigarette or vaporizer with high nicotine content may also give rise to this side effect. Therefore, if you are using the high vegetable glycerin e-liquid and still experiencing sore throat, you should try out lower nicotine level and it may help you get rid of a sore throat.

Coughing is also experienced by some new users when not smoking with the box mod vape. This particular side effect is more related to your device instead of the e-liquid used by you. When you smoke, the smoke is inhaled into the mouth first and from there, it goes to the lungs. On the other hand, users who have been vaping for a long time inhale the vapors directly into the lungs. This mouth to lung inhalation is the main cause of coughing. Therefore, you should try changing your device in case you experience coughing while vaping.

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Certain e-cigs are designed to produce a lot more vapor which may also lead to coughing. Another way to reduce coughing is to bring down the nicotine level and to keep yourself hydrated. You should try inhaling in a different way.

Many users have also reported that they experience headaches while vaping. This is not a common side effect. It may be the result of dehydration. Some people also experience dizziness and nausea but it gets less common with time. It is most likely due to the nicotine. If you are also experiencing nausea and dizziness, it may indicate the presence of a bit too much nicotine in your e-liquid. If you experience it regularly, you should try to lower the level of nicotine in your e-liquid.

Halo Starter Kit Discount CodeWhile there are a number of side effects of vaping, most of these side effects go away after some time. There are several steps you can take to reduce these side effects.

As mentioned in the beginning, PG from vapor dna produces a very strong throat hit. So, if you are experiencing throat or mouth irritation or coughing, you may try to buy e-liquids with higher vegetable glycerin content. Another way you can try to reduce the side effects is by reducing the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. It is also important that you stay hydrated.

Overall, vaping is much safer as compared to smoking cigarettes. A number of studies are being conducted to study the long-term effects of vaping but so far, researchers agree that it is a much safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, you do need to choose the brand of your device and the vendor for you e-juice carefully to make sure there is no contamination or impurity in the materials used for making the e-cig and the e-juice.

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