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All Information on Box Mod Vape

Everything You Need to Know About Box Mod

What is the vaping device? It is an electronic cigarette device that has a housing space for an external battery and some contain an internal battery. This electronic cigarette is called box mod because it has a square-shaped design.

vaping mod

There are two types of box mod; unregulated and regulated. The main difference between the two is that regulated box mods possess electronic components, while unregulated one does not.

cool fire IVThe mechanical mods that are box-shaped do not have circuit boards OLED screens and chips. It has a fire button and when this button is pressed it completes a connection between the coil and the battery. This activates the mechanical box mod.

Regulated box mods are referred as vape mods. They are electronic devices. Pressing the power button relays the message through its processor; this signals the device to power the atomizer coil.

Modern regulated box mods have variable wattage, variable voltage, and they are loaded with a lot of advanced features.

Is Vaping Mod Right for Me?

Box mods are hot these days. They have become more popular. This made so many people wonder if buying one is the right thing to do. The answer to this question depends on your preferences, needs and wants.

vgod 150w modThe first thing you need to determine if you want to know if the box mod is right for you is to know whether you are interested in an electronic mod or a mechanical one.

Mechanical box mods are used with RDAs ” Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers. This is an advanced form of vaping. If you cannot experience it with dripping, then there is no mechanical mod that is perfect for you. You should consider regulated box mod instead.

Secondly, you need to consider the shape of the device you want to use. Unregulated and regulated box mods have the same shape. It is important to know if you are comfortable with this shape. If you have been using a long tube-shaped e-cigarettes, then it will take time before you get used to a box-shaped device.

Furthermore, you need to consider the size of the electronic device you are using now. This helps to determine whether vape mod is right for you. You may be used to a compact e-cig so a mod vape is too large for you. There are smaller versions of box mod, but the quality of vapor may not be same as the ones for compact e-cig.

What is important is for you to choose an electronic cigarette that suits your needs.

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Quit Cigarettes easily with this Vape Mod

Quit Smoking with the Aid of Vape Mod in No Time

 using a mod vapeThere are people who smoke when they wish and can easily quit smoking when time comes. But not everyone had been born with that kind of a mental strength or heard about vaping side effects. Do you remember the first time you became concerned about how your smoking habit was? It must be some time when you were sick and were either in a doctor’s chamber or with a highly concerned near and dear one of you. Since then you must have tried several times to quit it but all your attempts went in vain. Probably, it’s tougher than quitting Alcohol or even Marijuana! Well, if that is the issue, here we have a solution for you! And the solution is e-cigarette, such as vape mod.

Vape Mods & E-cigarette

I’m sure that you must have heard about e-cigarette before. Well, you are a smoker, –-you must be! If you are still hesitating to give it a try, here is a number of facts and information about vaporizer and e cigarette, which you must know before putting your first lips on it! Manufacturers make them contain no cancer-causing agents unlike cigarettes, which are destructive and causes direct impact on your lungs. Users breathe in nicotine vapor which seems like smoke and gives the same flavour as the cigarette. It contains a liquid nicotine cartridge and a battery fuelled atomizer which transforms the fluid into vapour gradually giving you a flavor of real smoking.

quit smoking with ecigs

Some vape mods are capable of 40W regular power mode or in temperature controlled mode while some are less. With box mods, you can control the amount of heat and flavor that comes out and enjoy vaping while quitting smoking. You also have the Vape Pen which is more like a cigarette.

If the idea is to quit smoking, then waiting for no reason is a waste of time. Bring a change and play with the new toy in the market in style without any compromise. Give your lungs a rest from the obnoxious smoke. Breath in nicotine vapour with Vape Mods.

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